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The VUW Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation also possesses a range of cutting-edge equipment to support the MADE Research Group’s advanced research.

3D Printers

While the Faculty has a large number of Up Box 3D printers for undergraduate study (>50) the MADE Research Group is also supported by a range of specialist research dedicated 3D printing equipment for postgraduate activities. This includes g-code controlled Ultimaker 3 printers, large scale FDM printers and a 2.6m ABB robotic arm with bespoke extruders for a range of materials. The Stratasys J850 inkjet printer offers state of the art high resolution, multi-material, full colour 3D printing and supports an invitation-only international research relationship with the technology developer Stratasys. Associated technologies include high-end Artec 3D scanning equipment and supporting CAD software.

Recycling Lab

The recycling lab includes polymer processing equipment such as the twin-screw extruder and spooling device for blending and optimising new polymer formulations for 3D printing. Applications for the extruder range from upcycling plastic waste to electroactive filament for 3D printed sensors. Other supporting equipment includes an industrial granulator and a Contherm Thermotec 2000 Oven. This research focussed recycling lab in a Design School environment is unique in New Zealand and offers unparalleled opportunities for design-led materials experimentation.

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