This archive takes you to the full text thesis projects of all graduates who have been supported by and contributed to the MADE research group

And here are printable postcards of selected research projects.


Callum Loughnan: Meet Jeffrey. The pre-assembled mechanically posed stop-motion puppet head. 3D printed with variable part density afforded by Multi-Material Poly-Jet printing technology in a single file.

Sophia Neill: The Iced Slipper: An Integrated Parametric Design Workflow for 3D Printed High Heeled Shoes

Andrew Roberts: Uncanny Bastards – Provoking the Film Industry

Izzy Robb: Body of Matter – Physical Representations of Anatomical Data

Nathan Wilson: Low-hanging fruit: An exploration of procedural modelling tools to make voxel printing more accessible

Zeao Wang: Upcycling In Universities: A pilot sustainability education initiative based on a 3D printed upcycling approach


Nayanathara Sashikani Kuruppuarachchi: Tailored to Shrink – A sustainable method of creating 3d form utilising natural shrinkage and the precision of digital deposition

Marcus Michau: Digital Densities for Diabetes – 3D Printing Variable-Density Diabetic Orthotics to Mitigate Lower-Limb Amputations in New Zealand

Tino Mutambu: Parametric Prosthetics – Creating a digital workflow for individualised design

Danielle Patterson: Waste not, want not – A design-based approach to upcycling agricultural plastic waste

Huy TimAdding Value – Upcycling problematic plastic waste through digital craft


Ana Morris: Beneath the Skin: Emulating human physiology using a novel bitmap-based “voxel” 3D-printing workflow

Matthew O’Hagan: From Line to Loop, A Circular 3D Printing Initiative for Upcycling Commercial Fishing Plastics

Courtney Naismith:Air-crafted Artefacts: Additive upcycling plastics within the Aviation Tourism Industry

Maddison Jessop-Benseman: Plastic in Practice: An empirical approach to 3D printed upcycling in New Zealand schools

Lakjith Manapaya Weeratunge: ANIMATED ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Designing Dynamic Exhibits with 3D Printing & Pixel Displays

Vincent McQueen: Additive Alternatives: a product system for recreational prosthetics

Matt McGowan: Adding Brand: Design, Branding and Additive Manufacture in the production of tangible prosthetic products

Patrick Coulson: Well, Actuate(ly)…Parametric Multi-Material 3D Printed Soft Robotics

Brittany Mark: Applied Auxetics: Utilising Parametric Customisation to Translate Auxetic Structure Theory into Additively Manufactured Multi Material Performative Geometries

Jessica Salter: Fossils from the Future: Exposing procedural efficiency in the context of 3D printing

Elize Koetsier: Designing with Mycelium: Utilising spatial printing to create scaffolds for mycelium growth

Glen Askey: Surface Theory: The design of emotive textures to enhance a product experience

Eilish Marra: Sensing Restructured: Customisable 3D printed force sensors for wearable products (IP Sensitive)

Joseph Coddington: Voxel Printed Galleries: 3D Printing voxel built images as a craft based means to exploit the 2D plane of images


Rose Lastovicka: The Digital Athena: Contemporary commentaries and Greek mythology explored through 3D printing

Samantha Whitham: Printing People. Heterogeneous Multi-Property Printing of Humanoid Anatomics

Louise Wotton: Biological Algorithms for Digital Manufacture

Maryam Namini Mianji: Designed to Deform: Large-scale 4D printing with bio-based polymers

Watcharawat Ritthisri: Upcycling plastic waste through empirical implementation of large-scale 3D printing

Yejun Fu: 4D Printing with Bio-based Polymers for Adaptive Wearable Devices

Callum Allen: From closed to open: Democratising medical devices using additive manufacture and open source development and distribution systems

Max Syme: Tangible Visualisation: Multi-material 3D/4D printing for the design exploration of percutaneous surgical drains (IP sensitive)

Hamish Morgan: Optimised 3D Printed Structures: developing a six-axis robotic spatial printing system (IP sensitive)


Sophia Cameron: A Circular City: An empirical approach to 3D printed up-cycling

Nicole Hone: Tangible Animation – Designing Organic Performance with Multi-Material 3D/4D Printing

Liam Gilbertson: Robotic Spatial Printing for Designers

Mendel Moos: Design for the Future Creating a Champion

Armano Papageorge: Freeform 3D Printing: A Sustainable, Efficient Construction Alternative

William Rykers: The Tailored Traveller: Exploring digital vehicle data and large-scale FDM 3D printing to produce a luxury sleeping space

Fenella Richards: Celebrating the Spectacular: Discovering the New Enabled Through Performance Art

Ashleigh Kennedy: The Suitable Machine: Exploring style through storytelling to inform design

Isabelle Hawkins: Multi-Material 3D Printing for Percutaneous Surgical Drains (IP sensitive)

Jesse Kilpatrick: Fast, Large, and Accurate 3D Printing


Alex Christensen: Data driven design: An investigation into the fit between the individuality of people and the uniformity of mass manufactured items

Victoria Robinson: Colour 3D/4D Printing for Film

James Brundell: Investigation into Integration of Digital Manufacturing with Ceramics

Isabella Molloy: Freeform 3D Printing for Digitally Crafted Artefacts

Mark Bagley: ‘Making’ A Statement – Exploration of 3D Printing Technologies as a form of Customisation and Ownership in Urban Spaces

Zara Fong: Design to Degrade: Dynamic 3D/4D Printing of Bio-based Material towards Incoporation of Death and Decay into Digtial Creation.


Ryan Achten: Virtual Recollection: Artifact Engagement in Three-Dimensional Environments

Dylan Hughes-Ward: Making Connections 3D printing, Libraries and augmenting their reality

Stuart Baynes: Printable Prosthetics: The design of a 3D printed swimming prosthesis

Merez Parker Potoi: Design and Pacific: The cohesive blending of the Pacific and Contemporary cultures through 3D printing to create a new identity, by assisting diabetic type 1 adolescents in managing and storing their equipment.

James Irvine: Fore to Form

Lionel Taito- Taaalii Matamua: Renewing Materials: 3D Printing and Distributed Recycling Disrupting Samoa’s Plastic Waste Stream

Stephen Hill: Design Optimisation for 3D printed SLM objects

Hamish McIntosh: Simulated Anatomy – Designing Behaviour into 3D Printed Anatomy

Lucy Mangin: Shaping Taste


Tahi Rewiri-Chrastecky: Sentience: 3D Printed Living Products

Zach Challies: Designed Prosthetics


Earl Stewart: XYZ: Customised Complexity


Ross Stevens: Worn Out or Worn In?