Here you can find printable postcards of selected research projects.

2023 3D Printing Breathes New Life into Wind Power

Bulletin of Australian and new Zealand College of Anaesthetists winter 2023. pp.46-47: 3D model drives new model for anaesthesia

designboom: ross stevens’ wind turbine takes cues from nature

NZ Product Accelerator:  Design empowering NZ industry with cutting edge technology – Wētā Workshop

Stratasys case study report: University of Wellington Research package: Expanding 3D printing technology to create 4D liquid printed structures that imitate living organisms

WFADI: 3D printed rainwater shower wins award for Bachelor of Design Innovation graduate Charlotte Teneza


WFADI: INFLUX: A showcase of postgraduate design work

design assembly: Hot New Things: Huy Tim, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington

Liebert Pub: 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Volume 9, Number 5,2022. pp.349-363: Toward Emulating Human Movement: Adopting a Data-Driven Bitmap-Based “Voxel” Multimaterial Workflow to Create a Flexible 3D Printed Neonatal Lower Limb

Core77: Andrew Roberts brings AI to life with polyjet 3D printing

NZ Herald: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes surprising appearance as model at World of WearableArt

3D New Zealand Experts in 4D Printing Create Liquid Printed Structures with Stratasys

Stratasys 2020-2021 ESG & Sustainability Report: Ross Stevens statement p.45  PDF

designboom: Nicole Hone synthesizes technology and nature with these 3D vascular prints

Weta Workshop News: Wētā Workshop sets its sights on giant human eyes

CNN Travel: Where the possibilities are endless

Victoria University of Wellington: Alumni Profile – Courtney Naismith

One News NZ: Weta Workshop flaunts jaw-dropping creations at world expo


National Science Challenge: Science for Technological Innovation: Scientists collaborating with designers to transform materials of the future

Adam Savage’s Tested – YouTube: Weta Workshop’s 3D-Printed Giant Eyeballs!

Stratasys Blog: Introducing special effects artist Tor Robinson


3D Nicole Hone who uses 4D Printing to Make Tangible Animation

PAD#18. Pages on Art and Design/Milan Polytechnic: Women’s Sensibility Applied to New Materials and Technologies Processes / 1. PDF

3D Ross Stevens on How He Uses 3D Printing to Go Beyond the Surface of Things

3D The Full Voxel Woman: 3D printing the Complexity of Human Anatomy Marine waste feeds 3D printer production

Siggraph/Association for Computing Machinery:Voxel printing using procedural art-directable technologies


Manufacturing Our Future Exhibition,  Printed Products and Distributed Energy

Unmaking Waste Conference: A Circular City: An empirical approach to 3D printed Up-cycling

ARCHITECTURE NOW: Behind the Object: Te Hau-Ora, The Breath of Life.

designboom: Tangible Animation: Hydrophytes

Colossal: Hydrophytes by Nicole Hone


The International Journal of Design in Society: “Making: a Statement: An Exploration of using 3D Technologies for Customisation and Ownership within Urban Spaces

ACADIA: Digital Dexterity. Freeform 3D printing through direct toolpath manipulation for crafted artifacts PDF

Victoria University of Wellington: Eyes on The Prize

YouTube: Adam Savage’s Tested: Weta Workshop’s 3D-printed Giant Eyeballs


Yanko Design: Swim Again

GIZMODO: Printable Prosthetics Design student gives swimmers a leg up

Backstory – Journal of New Zealand Art, Media & Design History: Resurrecting the Archive: 3D printing and interactive technologies in Libraries

National Library of New Zealand: The digital archive of the future

Unmaking Waste Conference: Renewing Materials: 3D Printing and Distributed Recycling Disrupting Samoa’s Plastic Waste Stream

Chapter in Book: Unmaking Waste in Production and Consumption: Towards the Circular Economy: Renewing Materials: Implementing 3D Printing and Distributed Recycling in Samoa  PDF

RNZ News: Lionel Taito-Matamua wants to turn the Pacific’s plastic waste into something useful Festival for the Future speaker using technology to combat waste

pre 2015

Designboom: 3D printed XYZ shoes by earl stewart

Stratasys blog: 3d-printed-xyz-shoe-earl-stewart

Designboom: Ross Stevens ponoko advisory board Prosthetic shock-absorber 3D printed

Researchgate: Synthetic Anatomies, Co-designing desirable 3D printed facial prosthetics

NZ Herald: 3D-printed nose earns Kiwi top design award

Dezeen: Cortex: 3D-printed cast by Jake Evill

Core77: Richard Clarkson’s awesome “Blossom” is Blowing Up: the story behind the world’s first inflatable 3D print

designboom: expose 3D printed desktop speakers by simon ellison

GASATHJ: The Style Machine

Generative The Style Machine PDF

Victoria University of Wellington: 3D printing technologies transport students to ancient Greece

Idealog: Absolutely Positively 3D Printing Future Here Now

NZ Herald: Small Business: Trends in 3D Printing

National Science Foundation (USA) Symposium on Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) for Civil Infrastructure, Design and Construction: “SCALING UP: design inspired applications of 3D printing and systems of making.” PDF 3D printing helping amputees Why 3D Printing is Changing the World, From Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington: Victoria University partners with internationally renowned 3D printing company