Here you can find printable postcards of selected research projects.


2023 3D Printing Breathes New Life into Wind Power

designboom: ross stevens’ wind turbine takes cues from nature

NZ Product Accelerator:  Design empowering NZ industry with cutting edge technology – Wētā Workshop

Stratasys case study report: University of Wellington Research package: Expanding 3D printing technology to create 4D liquid printed structures that imitate living organisms

WFADI: 3D printed rainwater shower wins award for Bachelor of Design Innovation graduate Charlotte Teneza



WFADI: INFLUX: A showcase of postgraduate design work

Liebert Pub: Toward Emulating Human Movement: Adopting a Data-Driven Bitmap-Based “Voxel” Multimaterial Workflow to Create a Flexible 3D Printed Neonatal Lower Limb

Core77: Andrew Roberts brings AI to life with polyjet 3D printing

NZ Herald: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern makes surprising appearance as model at World of WearableArt

3D New Zealand Experts in 4D Printing Create Liquid Printed Structures with Stratasys

Stratasys 2020-2021 ESG & Sustainability Report: Ross Stevens statement p.45  PDF

designboom: Nicole Hone synthesizes technology and nature with these 3D vascular prints

Weta Workshop News: Wētā Workshop sets its sights on giant human eyes

CNN Travel: Where the possibilities are endless

Victoria University of Wellington: Alumni Profile – Courtney Naismith

One News NZ: Weta Workshop flaunts jaw-dropping creations at world expo


2021 Students 3D print hard-to-recycle plastics into beautiful homewares

National Science Challenge: Science for Technological Innovation: Scientists collaborating with designers to transform materials of the future

Adam Savage’s Tested – YouTube: Weta Workshop’s 3D-Printed Giant Eyeballs!

Stratasys Blog: Introducing special effects artist Tor Robinson



Stratasys: Empower Brilliance: Harnessing the Power of Highly Realistic
3D Printing for Students and Educators  (PDF)

3D Nicole Hone who uses 4D Printing to Make Tangible Animation

PAD#18. Pages on Art and Design/Milan Polytechnic: Women’s Sensibility Applied to New Materials and Technologies Processes / 1. PDF

3D Ross Stevens on How He Uses 3D Printing to Go Beyond the Surface of Things

3D The Full Voxel Woman: 3D printing the Complexity of Human Anatomy Marine waste feeds 3D printer production

Siggraph/Association for Computing Machinery:Voxel printing using procedural art-directable technologies




Manufacturing Our Future Exhibition,  Printed Products and Distributed Energy

Unmaking Waste Conference: A Circular City: An empirical approach to 3D printed Up-cycling

ARCHITECTURE NOW: Behind the Object: Te Hau-Ora, The Breath of Life.

designboom: Tangible Animation: Hydrophytes

Colossal: Hydrophytes by Nicole Hone




The International Journal of Design in Society: “Making: a Statement: An Exploration of using 3D Technologies for Customisation and Ownership within Urban Spaces

ACADIA: Digital Dexterity. Freeform 3D printing through direct toolpath manipulation for crafted artifacts PDF

Victoria University of Wellington: Eyes on The Prize

YouTube: Adam Savage’s Tested: Weta Workshop’s 3D-printed Giant Eyeballs




Yanko Design: Swim Again

GIZMODO: Printable Prosthetics Design student gives swimmers a leg up

Backstory – Journal of New Zealand Art, Media & Design History: Resurrecting the Archive: 3D printing and interactive technologies in Libraries

National Library of New Zealand: The digital archive of the future

Unmaking Waste Conference: Renewing Materials: 3D Printing and Distributed Recycling Disrupting Samoa’s Plastic Waste Stream

Chapter in Book: Unmaking Waste in Production and Consumption: Towards the Circular Economy: Renewing Materials: Implementing 3D Printing and Distributed Recycling in Samoa  PDF

RNZ News: Lionel Taito-Matamua wants to turn the Pacific’s plastic waste into something useful Festival for the Future speaker using technology to combat waste


pre 2015


Designboom: 3D printed XYZ shoes by earl stewart

Stratasys blog: 3d-printed-xyz-shoe-earl-stewart Prosthetic shock-absorber 3D printed

Researchgate: Synthetic Anatomies, Co-designing desirable 3D printed facial prosthetics

NZ Herald: 3D-printed nose earns Kiwi top design award

Dezeen: Cortex: 3D-printed cast by Jake Evill

Core77: Richard Clarkson’s awesome “Blossom” is Blowing Up: the story behind the world’s first inflatable 3D print

designboom: expose 3D printed desktop speakers by simon ellison

GASATHJ: The Style Machine

Generative The Style Machine PDF

Victoria University of Wellington: 3D printing technologies transport students to ancient Greece

Idealog: Absolutely Positively 3D Printing Future Here Now

NZ Herald: Small Business: Trends in 3D Printing

National Science Foundation (USA) Symposium on Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) for Civil Infrastructure, Design and Construction: “SCALING UP: design inspired applications of 3D printing and systems of making.” PDF 3D printing helping amputees Why 3D Printing is Changing the World, From Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington: Victoria University partners with internationally renowned 3D printing company