Dylan Mulder

Running away to the circus might not have been on Dylan Mulder’s mind when he finished his Industrial Design studies, but it’s where he is at the moment. And stoked about it too, as it happens to be the Cirque du Soleil!

After graduating from VUW in 2009 Dylan got jobs making models and props for feature films involving the whole range of processes applied in this field and onto 3D modelling for games development. He also made time to create entries (and consistently produce winning creations) to the World of Wearable Art competitions several years in a row. Working in all of these areas he used 3D modelling and printing technology, improving and expanding the use of this technology, so it should come as no surprise that his studio features 3D printers heavily.

His growing reputation (for example winning the New Zealand Design Award in 2013) culminated in 2016 when Dylan was approached by Air NZ and WoW to create not only a new and inspiring design, but also to challenge the traditional design and creation methods by utilizing the latest VR technology and processing software around.  For this project Air NZ flew him to various places around NZ, to find inspirations, 3D scan all kinds of impressions and translate them digitally to create a garment for real life.

That year – on top of taking out the Wearable Technology Award – he also won the Cirque du Soleil Award, receiving an all-expenses-paid internship at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters in Montreal. During the internship Dylan demonstrated such a high level of creative thinking, process knowledge and team spirit, that he was invited to continue working for the Cirque du Soleil on several more projects.

Currently Dylan is utilizing more state-of-the-art technologies to his advantage: digital design files zipping around the globe and real time interaction with colleagues on the other side of the world through VR suites. He is proof that working with emerging technologies will enable young New Zealanders to fulfil their potential on the international stage.